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Is the subsidiary(s) at least 50% owned by you?

Does the subsidiary(s) fall within the same class of business as you?

Have you included the subsidiary(s) employees in your total employee count?

Within the last 5 years has any employment related or third party discrimination or third party sexual harassment inquiry, complaint, notice of hearing, claim or suit been made against the Organization or any person proposed for Insurance in the capacity of either Director, Officer, or Employee of the Organization?

Is any person proposed for this Insurance aware of any fact, circumstance or situation which may result in an employment claim or third party discrimination or third party sexual harassment claim against the Organization or any of it's Directors, Officers, or Employees?

Do you currently carry Employment Practices Liability Coverage?

If so, what is the effective date (month/day/year) of the
beginning of continuous coverage?

Would you like "Full Prior Acts" Coverage?

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