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$500,000 Protection / Single Shipment Premiums Starting at $350

Tailored protection for Hawaii shippers of goods worldwide in one portfolio.

Get a Sure-Ship® Ocean Cargo Insurance Quote...

Aloha Insurance Services is a leading expert in ocean cargo and inland marine insurance protection. We offer comprehensive insurance programs for our clients in Hawaii shipping goods by sea, air, or ground based transportation means, developed from the experience garnered from decades of work in the field. Our programs not only provide outstanding protection for those in the shipping business, but also provide superior protection to businesses that operate within the unique geography of the Hawaiian Islands.

Container Ship

Whether you import goods for sale, bring in materials or equipment for use in your business or ship products from Hawaii to the world, you need protection from the inherent risks that come with moving materials from place to place. Aloha Insurance Services can help!

Our status as your independent agent allows us to shop the major insurance companies throughout the country for the best in products, service, and price.

Sure-Ship® Ocean Cargo Insurance Features


Shipping Conveyances
  • $500,000 - any one vessel or connecting conveyance or in any one place at any one time (except as provided in the policy);
  • $500,000 - any one aircraft or connecting conveyance;
  • $500,000 - any one metal barge or any one tow (other than as a connecting conveyance);
  • $25,000 - any one package shipped by government or private mail or parcel post or parcel delivery service;


  • Very fast! We can get your shipment covered with as little as 72 hours notice!

Coverages Included in the Sure-Ship® Ocean Cargo Insurance Program Policy

  • Perils of the Seas, Fires, Assailing Theives, Jettisons, Barratry of the Master and Mariners, Inchmaree, and all other like perils, losses and misfortunes, including to the damage or detriment of the goods or any part of the goods insured.
  • Shore perils including fire, smoke, lightning, earthquake, volcanic action, typhoon, cyclone, windstorm, landslide, flood, rising waters, sprinkler leakage, collision, upset, overturn, derailment or other accident to the land conveyance, aircraft damage, falling objects, vehicular damage, collapse and/or subsidance of docks, bridges, culverts and/or other structures. Shipments insured "All Risks"" are insured "All Risks"" while in transit or otherwise on land.
  • Demurrage charges resulting from instructions of the insurer to the assured to hold an intermodal container past the return date resulting in being assessed a penalty.

(Alternative programs may be available for coverage of these exposures)

Air Cargo
  • Capture and Seizure
  • Losses resulting from the use of any weapon of war, mine, or torpedo
  • Losses resulting from any use of a weapon employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other radioactive force or matter
  • Radioactive Contamination
  • Strikes, Riots, or Civil Commotions
  • Delay & Inherent Vice
  • Infidelity of the Assured
  • Losses resulting from the use of any Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical or Electromagnetic weapon

Get a Sure-Ship® Ocean Cargo Insurance Quote...

Shipping containers

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